Bad DVD drive board. Changing the board will be less costly, but will demand soldering.

If every one of the connections to your DVD drive are protected, then it’s feasible that the board regarding the DVD drive has a quick on it or even a blown surface-mount fuse. Take away the DVD drive and change it with a new anyone to see if that works well. If it will, you are able to either change the complete drive, or look for an alternative board.

Bad motherboard

Then it may be a bad how many mail order marriages end in divorce motherboard if the cables and the drive are not the problem that cause the DVD drive not to turn on. It is hard to check this without getting a motherboard that is new testing your DVD drive on a known working console. Then you will have to replace the motherboard if the drive still works on another board.

DVD drive will perhaps not read discs. The drive takes discs, but doesn’t read them

Bad information cable

In the event that disk is spinning in the DVD drive, nevertheless the system can not read it, then there might be a poor experience of the information cable. The cable is really a ZIF ribbon cable that goes through the DVD drive to your mother board. First, eliminate the DVD drive to check out the connection here. Whether it’s fine, you need to access the bond from the motherboard to ensure additionally, it is protected. At this time, in the event that connections are fine, you can also would like to try an unusual information cable, though it’s not most most most likely that the cable could be the issue unless there was damage that is obvious it.

Bad laser lens

Then there is likely a problem with the laser lens in the DVD drive if the Wii takes discs, but cannot read them. It is easier and more reliable to replace the DVD drive though it is possible to just replace the laser.

Thermal problems

When your Wii is extremely hot to touch, this may cause disk read errors. Then completely shut down the Wii (red LED) and allow it to cool down, and then try again if this is the case.

Wii remote isn’t identified by system. Wii remote has lost its sync

Wii remote and console aren’t connected

It will be possible that your particular Wii remote has “lost” its sync. It is possible to clear all past synced Wii remotes along with your system and reconnect the people you may be utilizing. Energy from the system and unplug the energy cable for a couple of seconds. Plug the charged cord back and turn the Wii right right back on. In the “Health and Safety” display display screen, start the small home on the faceplate regarding the system. Keep the red sync switch for at the least 15 moments. All previous syncs have actually been taken out of your system at this stage. This method doesn’t need become duplicated to re-sync each remote.

simply take the Wii that is first remote desire to sync and take away the entranceway into the battery pack compartment. Press and launch the red sync switch nearby the batteries. Quickly press and launch the red sync key from the system. The lights regarding the remote will flash and then illuminate the light that corresponds compared to that remote’s position (1, 2, 3, or 4). Continue doing this procedure for every Wii remote in every desired purchase.

Wii is creating a noise that is loud on. Eliminate the fan to completely clean it or change it by having a brand new one.

Bad fan

Once the console ages, the fan can become clogged or fundamentally fail, resulting in the system to overheat, that could result in far more severe harm to the product.

Bad drive

The drive might be failing if the noise only happens when there is a disc inserted in the drive.

If it bothers you, you will have to replace the DVD drive.

Nintendo troubleshooting

In the event that problems you will be experiencing are not covered above, go to Nintendo’s Wii Troubleshooting web Page in addition to HackMii Troubleshooting Guide.